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Featured Articles

The Emotions of Job Change
It looked like the right opportunity.  You’ve gone through two telephone interviews and now two face- to-face interviews. In typical engineering fashion you have been very thorough and very detailed in your analysis of all aspects of the company, the management team, the position and its future growth potential.  They’ve just given you a solid offer, more money and a better opportunity than your current position affords.  Then the TOTALLY unexpected happens.  You get hit by an emotional tidal wave!!

How to Successfully Use Videoconferencing for Interviews
In a tight job market, we experience an increase in project demands and competition for quality professionals. Good talent does not stay on the market for long…

How to Master the Typical Job Interview Sequence
The objective of an interview is to get a job offer. Once you have the offer, you then have the opportunity to accept or reject it. As you prepare for interviews and actually meet employers, remembering this objective is the single most important thing you can do.

How to Ask For and Get the Job
From preparing for the interview to closing the interview, below you will find the eights steps that could help you land the position meant for you.

Interview Mistakes to Avoid
You’ve landed an interview at your dream company, now what? You’re nervous, excited, anxious – all these emotions spinning around in your stomach. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you and cause you to make common and avoidable interview mistakes.

Questions to Ask the Interviewer
Prioritize questions you ask to learn as much as you can about the position’s responsibilities, expectations, deliverables and requirements. This will help you evaluate the fit for yourself, gain a clearer understanding of what they believe are the most important skills and accomplishments to possess, and gain a better understanding of the position.

Reasons for Job Changes
There are four basic reasons a person changes jobs. Is a job change really right for you?