How to write a resume that differentiates you in today’s job market

How to write a resume that differentiates you in today’s job market

As competition increases in today’s job market, it become imperative to make the best first impression and most often that is accomplished with a killer resume. Below are “do’s and don’ts” we’ve found effective in resume writing, our most valuable tip is: always ask a trusted advisor or recruiter to review your resume and provide constructive feedback. You only get 20 seconds to make a first impression.




Highlight your most relevant experiences Alter the resume with the job description’s exact wording
List certifications and training Expose anything confidential
Include soft skills Include anything that could be discriminated against
Consider volunteer or other non-work experience Include work with controversial organizations
Include professional accomplishments (under each position included) Include random, unrelated, or off-putting hobbies
Think of new ways to frame your accomplishments Use multiple colors
Write an accurate summary Use an objective statement
Tell the truth Try to hide gaps
Show career progression Use I or me
Spell check and grammar check Use clichés or jargon
Use powerful verbs- like created, developed Use negative phrases
Include your contact info- email and cell phone is a must Include “references upon request”
Consider a digital resume (for applicable positions) Spend all your time on the design
Use  from a template Use more than 2 fonts
Make sure your job titles or companies are in bold Go overboard with text effects
Align your dates and locations to the right Use more than two lines per bullet
Use bullet points to highlight details Send it as a word document
Maintain a master resume and update periodically Send outdated information
Ask a trusted advisor/recruiter to review


Download pdf: Whitaker Companies.How to Differentiate Your Resume