The Whitaker Commitments

Founded in 1983, Whitaker is one of the nation’s most respected names in professional recruiting – and the reason is simple. Across all of our services, we set a higher standard. Whitaker Companies is comprised of IT and Engineering/Technical staff augmentation practices. We focus on key positions requiring premium credentials in industries where demand is high. We serve needs all across the U.S. with a careful eye toward maintaining the consistent standards and methodologies upon which our reputation has been built.

In a tight candidate market, what some firms call professional recruiting adds up to nothing more than mass advertising and internet job postings. But Whitaker remains steadfastly committed to true search methodologies, putting people first, quality standards, continuing education and the evolving future of the workplace. Our clients are rewarded with candidates that consistently exceed their expectations.

Committed to Search — We believe that focused search is still the best means of finding the highest caliber candidate and we apply our proprietary methodology to that end.

Committed to People — By putting people first, we’ve been able to build long-term relationships with the best people and companies in the Information Technology and Oil & Gas / Chemical Process industries. Through matching individuals with both job requirements and client chemistry, we help both the candidate and client to succeed. We ensure that quality is never compromised and that mutual best interests are never sacrificed.

Committed to Quality — Quality is vitally important to us because it is the standard by which people and companies are judged. We continue to implement a company-wide commitment to quality that ensures we evaluate how we are doing and determine how we can improve our company and ourselves for the future.

Committed to Education — We’re all dedicated to ongoing self-improvement through continuing professional education and development. In fact, every Whitaker Recruiter with more than one year of experience is a Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist (CTS) and/or Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) through The National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), the oldest staffing industry association. We are proud to have a 99% pass rate for both the CPC and CTS exams.

Committed to the Future — We know that the future of business in an environment of growing global competition will require great innovation and painstaking preparation. We must rethink the ways things have conventionally been achieved. Such concepts as “right sizing” in the interest of profitability and efficiency will no longer be temporary or stop-gap measures, which places renewed emphasis on our ability to provide creative staffing solutions to reduce fixed costs while providing improved organizational flexibility. We can also maximize your core competencies so non-core functions can be out-sourced while maintaining the same quality it takes to get the job done right and on time. We are not only committed to the evolving future of the workplace, we are creating it.

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