Whitaker Qualified

We don’t operate quite the same way other staffing and search firms do. We believe in a tailored approach to placement that takes into account not only your field, your capability and your experience, but also who you are and where you want to go.

Our search practices grew from our extensive background in executive search and we employ many of the same rigorous techniques to our searches for qualified professionals for all positions we seek to fill — direct hire and contract. We focus on a specific range of industries and on vertical segments within those industries. This translates to a high level of familiarity with the field, the market and its short and long-term needs, and the most qualified candidates.

When you’re Whitaker Qualified, you can be sure that we won’t waste your time putting you in front of potential employers who aren’t the right or appropriate match for you.  View more information about Our Process.

Quality Over Quantity

At Whitaker we’ve made it our business to know your industry and your needs — inside and out. We know that building the right team means bringing together the right personalities, skills, experience and motivation. Team building is all about personal chemistry.

In a tight candidate market, or in a difficult economic environment, many recruiting and staffing companies rely on mass advertising and internet job postings. That’s what differentiates Whitaker from the field. Instead, we’re steadfastly committed to true search methodologies. We pursue and select people through comprehensive search processes, through reference and credential checks and lots of personal interaction. Because we know your time is valuable, we won’t waste it. Through our intensive screening we top grade the list of candidates we put before you so the candidates for consideration are a select group of eminently qualified and capable potential team members. We won’t flood your in-box with unqualified resumes.

Our belief that good chemistry between candidate and client goes far beyond what’s published in a job description — and it’s our job to define that chemistry and base our search on those particular criteria in addition to skills and work experience. On both sides of the employment equation, we ask better questions and more of them. And when they’re answered to our satisfaction you are …

Whitaker Qualified.