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    Job search has changed, interviews have changed, resumes have changed – in the last year, everything we once knew has flipped on its head. You already have the tools to manage a successful career transition, so now let’s talk about how to create a competitive advantage in your job search by capitalizing on […]

How to Ace Your Video Interview Videoconference software is becoming more popular for business meetings and interviews. Even though you, the candidate, are in a comfortable environment at home, you should treat it the same as if you were having an in-person interview, being prepared and confident to make the best first impression. Here are […]

  Questions to Ask Recruiters What questions you should ask when approached by a recruiter? These questions should move beyond the basic job responsibilities and location, and dig deeper into learning about the company, the potential for career growth, and the search/interview process. Knowing which questions to ask helps you fully evaluate the opportunity. (As […]

    States are opening up and most leaders we are speaking with are targeting a return date by the end of July, while a few have already allowed key employees back in the office. Here’s what we are hearing from our hiring managers: Workforce Schedule shifts to isolate a potential outbreak if needed Stagger […]

  Position Yourself For Success After COVID-19 There are two main types of leaders: “Peacetime leaders and Wartime leaders”, Danny Cahill, staffing industry veteran and training guru, said recently in a professional development session. This concept got us thinking and we realized “Wartime leader” isn’t just a person, it’s a mindset! Each of us can […]

  HOW TO CREATE A HAPPY AND PRODUCTIVE PROJECT TEAM Following January’s newsletter about revising your candidate experience to attract top talent, let’s take a look at improving workplace happiness to keep your top employees happy and engaged. According to an article on “Happy dev teams write better code, faster. That’s a fact.” So, […]

  Economists say we are in the strongest labor market in decades (J. Bartash) which is great timing for Americans as we get ready for the hustle and bustle of a busy holiday season. The pace of layoffs and the unemployment rate remain near a 50-year low, giving Americans the confidence to keep spending at […]

  Q4 is already upon us and it’s officially Fall…although in Texas our temperatures haven’t fully gotten on board yet! As we dive into the season for football, fall carnivals, and all things pumpkin spice, let’s also take a deeper look into what questions candidates should be asking recruiters. Clients: this is the information we […]

Being involved in associations and conferences is a great way to enhance your knowledge and skills while increasing your professional network. For some technical professionals the idea of networking can sound overwhelming, causing them to shy away from the potential to create mutually beneficial relationships. Understanding that networking is a skill best attained through practice, […]