Frequently Asked Questions by Employers

Why Whitaker?

We’ve been in business since 1983 specializing in IT and Engineering / Technical professions. We’re experienced, knowledgeable, and we care about making the right match. Together these make a difference. Furthermore, our deep knowledge of the industry, the technology, the markets, the tools and the talent pool enable us to source and deliver the highest quality talent to meet time-sensitive staffing needs.

Do you specialize?

Yes. Our Staffing Consultants – experts both in search and placement as well as in the industries they serve – are specialized by division and individual markets. Our Staffing Consultants average 9 years of recruiting experience with our senior team members averaging 13 years of recruiting experience.


Can we work with all divisions?

Our national staffing companies – Whitaker IT and Whitaker Technical – collaborate to meet all your staffing needs, contract or direct-hire, for a variety of positions focused within our niche companies. With over 30 years in recruiting and placement our network, commitment to the industry and resources outperform standard industry recruiters.

One firm, one call, all your needs fulfilled quickly and efficiently with industry leading talent.

What are the advantages of working with a Certified Recruiter?

Certified Recruiters have taken the extra step to provide their candidates and clients with “leading edge” expertise, making their services even more valuable in an ever-changing market. The CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant) and CTS (Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist) designation that follows an individual’s name is the industry’s badge of professionalism and seal of excellence. It is recognized as the staffing industry’s highest standard, and it is the public’s assurance of quality service. Certification assures the following:

  • Knowledge of current employment laws and procedures
  • Knowledge of business operations and ethics
  • Service of the highest quality to meet the needs of both candidate and company Ethics, by adhering to NAPS (National Association of Personnel Services) Standards of Ethical Practices Commitment
  • Credibility and dedication to the staffing industry

Does Whitaker work directly with the client?

Yes, our quality reputation is built on taking care of clients. In business since 1983, we have established a network and database of top professionals and have cultivated relationships with “key spheres of influence” within each marketplace. Our Staffing Consultants work directly with their clients on determining their needs and creating a profile of the ideal candidates to match.

What areas of the country do you serve?

Both divisions – Whitaker IT and Whitaker Technical – service clients all across the United States since the markets in which we specialize are in such high demand.

How long does it take you to fill a position?

Our experience tells us that in today’s market a typical direct-hire job search takes 1 – 3 months and contract assignment search takes sometimes 2 days up to 3 weeks from the time the search is given to the time a candidate accepts and confirms a start date. There are many variables that impact this timeline including:

  • Amount of exclusivity the search firm has to fill the position (i.e. retained vs. contingency)
  • Clarity on the exact position description and requirements to fill the search
  • Availability of candidates with the required skill set
  • Desirability of location
  • The companies timely response to the resume submittal
  • Availability of managers to interview the candidate
  • Number of candidates in the interview process prior to a decision being made

How do you find candidates?

Whitaker’s roots in true search methodology are long and deep. We believe in searching until we find the best candidate for your position and not just the first available candidate; this frequently means talking to people who are not actively looking for another position. With over 30 years of experience in the same marketplace specialization, we have built a network of contacts and a database of information that would be hard to duplicate. In addition to the tried and true “smiling and dialing”, we also use the most sophisticated Internet tools available. The information we gather using the Internet is just an additional means of networking and researching for a position rather than as a source for readily available candidates.

Why choose a retained search over contingency?

The key factor in filling any position quickly through a recruiting firm is largely dependent on the time the recruiter has available to commit to that specific search. If a company is using multiple contingency recruiters to fill the position, each recruiter can only afford to spend a relatively short amount of time to discover candidates for that position before they move on to their next contingency search. Consequently, using multiple contingency recruiters frequently will not prove effective if candidates are in short supply or the position is particularly difficult to fill as each contingency recruiter will only be able to skim the surface of the easily available candidate pool before needing to move on. A retained or exclusive commitment to a recruiter enables that recruiter to spend all the time required to find the best match for the company’s position. Visit Advantages of a Retained Search to learn more about creating a competitive edge for your position.

Does your company work with independent contractors?

Yes, we work with both W-2’s and independent contractors provided the independent contractor meets insurance and Whitaker requirements.

What are Whitaker’s payment terms for contractors?

W-2 employees on assignment are paid weekly based on approved timesheets and independent contractors are paid monthly, regardless if our client has paid their invoice. We are committed to employing the most qualified professionals and believe professionals should be paid as such.

Does Whitaker offer sponsorships?

As requested by the client and with management approval, Whitaker does offer sponsorship opportunities for unique situations as applicable under Federal Law.

Does Whitaker offer benefits to contractors?

At this time, standard health, dental and vision benefits are not typically offered to contractors, however it has occurred under specific circumstances and Whitaker continually evaluates these as options for the near future. We currently do offer: weekly paychecks, direct deposit, standard holidays, career counseling and on-going communication to prevent gaps in contract assignments.