September 2016: Emotional Intelligence to Advance Your Career

September 7th, 2016 by Cassie Fisher

At a recent WEN association presentation, the guest speaker (VP Human Resources from a major energy company) presented on the challenges and tips and tools you can readily access to improve your ability to communicate, navigate the political hierarchy of your organization and understand its unwritten rules. An underlying theme revolved around the use of Emotional Intelligence in increasing your leadership techniques and advancing your career.

Here are a few additional articles regarding how Emotional Intelligence can impact your IT career and IT leadership path.

Emotional Intelligence Is an Accurate Predictor of Success (AITP)
If you want to get ahead, if you want to be outrageously successful, having a high I.Q. or just plain being smart won’t do it for you. Academic intellect isn’t enough. Technical proficiency won’t win the prize. You’ve got to have emotional intelligence. No question about it. So …  Read full article

Why Improving Emotional IQs Makes for Better IT Leaders (
Hiring and retaining talent is becoming a priority as CIOs struggle to find and retain top talent. Raising the emotional IQ of your IT leaders is one big step towards creating a culture where people want to work. Read full article

Interview Questions To Test If Job Candidates Have Emotional Intelligence (
Forty-six percent of new employees will fail within 18 months of hire. Eighty-nine percent of the time it’s for attitude, and low emotional intelligence ranks second in why they fail. Read full article



New self-driving car company not only programs cars to recognize pedestrians and avoid them, it also gives cars the ability to emote their intentions. Emerging from stealth mode, self-driving car start-up not only knows how to program cars to recognize people and everything else in the driving environment — its cars will also signal their intentions to humans through lights, sounds and movement. Read full article



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